What’s this? THIS is the new single from one of Denmark’s bestest pop exports Stine Bramsen. We’ve already had her debut solo EP, and now she’s calling ‘Woman’ the first single from her debut album.
What’s it like? It’s a call-to-arms for women all around the world to accept and love their physical appearances, in whatever shape they may come in – “nobody needs a cover girl” and “just be a woman“. Stine is blatantly ALL about that bass, ’bout that bass. No treble.
What else is Stine up to at the moment? You know that Swedish show Så Mycket Bättre? Well Stine is currently performing in the Danish equivalent Toppen af Poppen. We’ll do a round-up of all of the songs Stine contributes to the show, once the series ends. Promise. So far she’s doing quite well out of it – Danish iTunes chart number 1s ahoy!


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