What’s this? Denmark’s Stine Bramsen is back with her first solo music in quite some time, and her first release since the triumphant comeback of her band Alphabeat. This is her new single ‘What I Want You To Do’.
What’s it like? Vibrant, upbeat pop with plenty of fire in its tempo and with a cool retro feel to its production.
What does Stine say?The song is about reconnecting with one’s inner wild side and feeling the adrenaline pump in your blood again. That urge has never been stronger in my body than when I wrote all the new music I’m currently recording.
Written by? Stine herself, along with Emil Sebastian Albæk-Falk.
More from Stine? She promises that a whole album of new music is on its way!

You can find ‘What I Want You To Do’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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