What’s this? Swedish producer Steerner is out with a brand-new single – ‘Shadow Side’.
What’s it like? Shamelessly huge, this is a dance-pop tune that pulls no punches in making a grab the listener’s attention. It does so via inserting plenty of turned-up-to-the-max bang, as well as a melody that is practically playground-chant in its simplicity. There’s a hell of a lot to love here.
What does Steerner say? “The brighter the light, the darker the shadow. ‘Shadow Side’ is a love song about diving deep at the risk of drowning. It could be for a person, a lifestyle or a passion. On another level, ‘Shadow Side’ is also about the intoxicating thrill of flirting with danger and darkness.
Written by? Steerner himself, along with Jimmy Jansson and Marcus Winther-John.
More from Steerner? Check out his previous single ‘Home‘, released earlier in the summer.

You can find ‘Shadow Side’ on our Best New Dance playlist.


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