What’s this? Two Norwegian artists have gotten together to concoct a tune in the hopes of encouraging us all to get moving – be it horizontally or otherwise. Their banging new track ‘The Hookup’.
What’s it like? A sugar-fuelled steamy pop romp that’s brimming with hormonal desire and which gets straight to the point via some suggestive lyrics and a catchy chant-along chorus.
What does Gucci Caliente say?We hadn’t gotten laid in so long and all of a sudden this song came spilling out of us. Something had to be in the air, some pheromones or something, that shit had me feeling like a cat in heat.
What does Sofiloud say? “It just makes me wanna f**k.”
Written by? The two artists themselves, along with Eirik Gjendemsjø and Johanne Møllerbråten.

You can find ‘The Hookup’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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