SONG: SKAAR – ‘Out Of My Hands’

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What’s this? New music from the Norwegian talent SKAAR – she’s out with new single ‘Out Of My Hands’.
What’s it like? Just the tonic that most of us need all too often, in that it’s a message to quit stressing about the stuff that’s is indeed completely out of our hands. All set to a hugely uplifting production too, to really hit home that to-hell-with-it-all approach!
What does SKAAR say? “‘Out of My Hands’ is about trying not to control yourself or how you’re supposed to react to things. 2021 for me was a pretty difficult year emotionally, and my biggest struggle was that I couldn’t let myself stay in the sadness I was feeling. This song really reminded me of the beauty in being sad and how letting my body decide for me could really be a relief. It was also nice to write about just taking it one step at a time, and not to push for life to be perfect right away. When I listen to it now I’m reminded to take a deep breath, close my eyes and try to focus on the small things. I hope it can do the same for other people listening too.
Written by? The artist herself, along with David Kjellstrand and Mugisho Nhonzi.
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