What’s this? Andri Þór Jónsson and Eyþór Úlfar Þórisson – two writers and producers who hail from Kópavogur in Iceland – are out with their latest single as September. ‘Don’t Let Me Go’, featuring RAVEN.
Ok, I’m feeling deja vu here. Well they initially released it a couple of year back, but now that they’re big news (or at least bigger news), they’re re-releasing it.
What’s it like? A well-crafted synthpop track with the most beautiful of pop melodies performed to perfection by the featured vocalist. This deserves a much wider audience than it got first time around, so we’re glad they’re giving it another shot.
More from September? Last year’s ‘Nobody Knows‘ is still giving us plenty of life.

You can find ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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