What’s this? The penultimate song of Finland’s day-by-day dishing out of their Eurovision hopefuls. This is ‘Lover View’ by Sansa, the fifth of six songs in the running to represent Finland at ESC 2020.
What’s it like? It’s another absolutely marvellous track. And yet another genre represented in the mix. For ‘Lover View’, they’ve roped in the really-quite-a-big-deal Finnish writer and producer Yotto, and he’s delivered a chilled house track with a dreamy pop twist – performed beautifully by Sansa. It’s not like anything you’d expect to hear in a Eurovision pre-selection, but we’re certainly glad it’s made an appearance. Whatever happens, we reckon this song is gonna have a life long after Eurovision has wrapped up.
Written by? Sansa, Yotto and Anton Sonin.

You can find ‘Lover View’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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