Right, what’s going on here then? Swedish sweethearts Samir & Viktor have taken it upon themselves to ease our time in lockdown, by delivering us a pop tune about their own time in lockdown.
And what does their time in lockdown involve? Sitting at home without any money coming in, watching everything on Netflix, Skyping all of their friends. They might be iconic popstars of their generation, but they’re just like us, see?!
And what’s the involvement of TIX in all of this? TIX is actually the perpetrator. He released his own version of the song a few weeks back, and it’s gone on to be a huge hit in his native Norway. And so he invited Samir & Viktor to record a new version of the song with him so that Swedes could get in on the action, too. Those potential Swedish streaming numbers aren’t to be sniffed at!
More from TIX? Fun fact, pop fans – TIX co-wrote the gargantuan global hit single ‘Sweet But Psycho’ for Ava Max!

You can find ‘Karantän’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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