Oh yes. Oh yes! Samir & Viktor are back. Today they release the follow-up to their mega melfest hit ‘Groupie’ – new single ‘Saxofuckingfon’.
Saxo…fucking…fon?! Saxofuckingfon. They’ve not just capitalised on the popularity of sax samples in pop songs – they’ve potentially gone and ended it!
Is it any good though? Well if you liked either of their previous two hits (and they really were – MASSIVE hits) ‘Success’ or ‘Groupie’, you’ll find a lot to love here. In fact we’d go so far as to say that this is their best yet. In that it’s their most ridiculous yet. It’s also the song in which they’ve gone furthest into clubland. Clubs populated by Swedish teens and no one else, of course. But Swedish teens that generate tens of millions of Spotify streams. So who’s winning?….


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