SONG: Samir & Viktor – ‘Kemi’

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What’s this? The brand-new single from the terminally joyful Swedish duo Samir & Viktor – this is ‘Kemi’.
What does ‘Kemi’ mean?! Chemistry.
N’aawww, are they singing about their iconic, everlasting bromance? Nope – Samir has found a new love, and has written a song about it.
And what’s it like? Imagine a love song performed by Samir & Viktor. That’s right – it sounds nothing like a love song and everything like a Samir & Viktor song!
Written by? Victoria Voss and Samir Badran, produced by Andreas Krüger and Martin Bustgaard.
More from Samir & Viktor? It’s not too late to brighten up your summer via the sound of these two trumpeting over actual trumpets – on previous single ‘Odödlig‘.

You can find ‘Kemi’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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