What’s this? After a cracking great run of singles in 2019 (check out ‘Blow My Mind‘ and ‘Conversation‘, if you’ve yet to), Sweden’s Sabina Ddumba is back with her latest single – ‘Forgotten Ones’.
What’s it like? Another absolute tune. This one’s uplifting and feel-good, not only via its production and tone, but also thanks to some down-to-earth lyrics about gaining happiness from keeping it simple.
What does Sabina say? “Forgotten Ones is a story of an episode in my life. The lyrics are pretty self-explanatory. Life’s challenges are not as tough when you have friends and family on your side and near you. Thanks to them I have turned my dreams to reality. This song is a way to show appreciation to those I hold dear.”
Written by? Sabina herself, along with John Alexis, Pontus Persson and Theron Thomas.

You can find ‘Forgotten Ones’ on our Best New Pop playlist.


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