Saara Aalto. ‘Let It Go’. I feel like I’ve heard this before. Well yes, the artist has become quite synonymous with the song. She performed it on X Factor, it was her go-to song to perform on Finnish TV for a while, and of course there was the viral video in which she sang it in fifteen different languages while playing it on the piano. But would you believe, she’s never released it. Until today, that is.
Why now? WELL. As you may well know, she’s currently competing on Dancing On Ice in the UK. And on this Sunday’s show, she’s going to become to first ever contestant to simultaneously skate WHILE singing parts of the song that she’s skating to. That song is ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen.
That song again?! Well it’s ‘musicals week’ on Dancing On Ice, so in fairness, she’s only really responding to that theme in the best way she knows.
And at least now people who see her perform it will finally be able to actually find a recording of it by her on streaming services. Precisely. And it is, as you would expect by now, completely stunning.
More from Saara? She’s up for three awards in the 2019 Scandipop Awards. And if you’ve not already cast your vote, voting closes at midnight on Sunday!!!

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