New single? The gorgeous ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’ by Saara Aalto has been selected by Pride in London as the official song of their 2019 event and all the shenanigans surrounding it.
Gorgeous is good. And as their choice has indicated, the song isn’t just gorgeous in the sense of its sound – with the lyrics, the song stands to become a LGBTQ anthem for the ages.
What does Saara say? “I am so proud and honoured to represent my community with this song. I hope the message means as much to you as it does to me.”
What does it sound like? Think ‘What About Us’ by P!nk, but replace the ‘us’ with ‘the traditionally sidelined yet able to overcome prejudice and diversity’. There are actually two versions. The Pride in London song is the UK radio edit, which ramps the tempo up considerably from the piano ballad that you will find on her ‘Wild Wild Wonderland’ album. The album version also comes with a beautiful music video, which you can watch below.
What happens in the video? Channeling the above sentiment perfectly, the video is a beautifully shot tale of staying true to one’s self in the face of overwhelming oppression, with great performances from both Saara and the young dancers. It delivers an emotional gut-punch at the end – but in the most lovely way.

You can find ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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