Swedish producer Michael Casado has gone and delivered another genius mash-up. This time featuring two generations of Swedish pop icons. He’s taken Roxette’s ‘The Look’, and placed it over Eric Saade’s ‘Girl From Sweden’. So that it’s the pair from yesteryear performing it over the backing track of Saade’s 2015 summer hit. And he’s gone the extra mile by creating a video for it too, which you can watch below.

As with all of his mash-ups (more of which you can listen to right here) it’s an inspired choice, but a perfect fit. This one particularly goes off from the middle eight onward – when Marie gets all “na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na” on us. And we’ll be struggling to listen to either of the originals for a while now!

Roxette Vs Eric Saade – The Look From Sweden (Michael Casado Mashup)

Happy Holidays! Lets make 2018 amazing together <3 New mashup with Roxette, and their amazing track "The Look" , and Swedish pop power wonder, Eric Saade, and his track "Girl from Sweden". Enjoy!

Publicerat av Michael Casado den 27 december 2017

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