SONG: Ronya – ‘Work Harder’

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RonyaWorkHarder e1418158575506

Ronya’s back! The Finnish popstar who WOWED us a couple of years back with the likes of ‘Ajnor’ and especially ‘Hyperventilating’ crushed us with her disappearance from pop ever since then. But over the weekend she returned triumphantly.
Triumphantly?! Well what better way to return to pop after two years away than with an absolute belter!
Absolute belter?! This sounds like it could be a Solange cut from that ‘True’ EP she released last year. It’s a little bit brilliant. Instant, but with new brilliance still shining through with repeat listens.
Oh thank Christ she’s back. And we love it when popstars unleash top notch tunes just when you think the year has offered all it has to. It hasn’t!

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