What’s this? Robin Bengtsson is out with his first new release since his recent turn at the 2022 Melodifestivalen final. He’s back with ‘Don’t You Dare’.
What’s it like? It’s another three-minute, direkt-till-finalen-esque smash, which deploys an irresistibly catchy chorus that we know we’re gonna be coming back to a lot in the coming months. Also features a cute element by which it occasionally just switches to lyrics in Swedish, just for the hell of it. We’d totally be down for more songs doing that. Just putting it out there.
Written by? The artist himself, along with Isa Molin, Joy Deb, Myra Granberg and Noak Hellsing.
More from Robin? Let’s revisit that Melfest finalist, shall we? Let’s. ‘Innocent Love‘.

You can find ‘Don’t You Dare’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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