SONG: Raylee – ‘Wish For You’

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WhoOOoo? A former child star in her native Norway, Charlotte Kristiansen has returned to pop under a new artist moniker Raylee. And she’s brought with her an absolute BELTER of a tune called ‘Wish For You’.
FORMER child star? She still looks pretty young to us. Well yeah she’s like 18 or something, but she’s been in showbiz since she was 10 years old.
And what’s ‘Wish For You’ like? It’s the absolute best kind of teen pop. The sort of stuff the Scandis were writing for American teen popstars at the turn of the century, but brought up to date obviously (not that we’d mind in the slightest if it hadn’t been!).
Which bit will I find myself singing in a few hours time? Take your pick! The “na-na-na-na-na-naaaAAAAH” part is the obvious one. But we’re partial to blaring out a quick “I take BACK my wish for you, I take BACK my wish for you” at random points throughout the day. See how you get on (we’ve been reliably informed that it’s been released worldwide);

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