SONG: Ramón – ‘Knock’ (Milos remix)

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Who? 19 year old Ramón Andresen from Ski in Norway. Back in March he released his self penned debut single ‘Knock’. And now today he releases a fresh new remix courtesy of Milos.
What does he say? He says he wants to challenge typical gender stereotypes, and says the song is about “yearning for more than just the physical in a relationship. Girls tend to be more open about it, but boys too want more than just someone to share the bed with.
What does the remix do to it? It doesn’t change the song too much (here’s the original, for comparison). But rather makes it bang that little bit harder, and gives it a summer-ready gloss so that we can spend a few more months loving it.
More from Ramón? He recently released the follow-up single to ‘Knock’ – here’s ‘Tonight I’m Over You‘.

You can find ‘Knock’ (Milos remix) on our Best New Pop playlist.

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