What’s this? Swedish artist Peg Parnevik is back with her first new music after a very public break-up played out in the Swedish press. This is ‘Somewhere Without Me’.
What’s it like? As the title and the situation surrounding it would suggest, the song is a tender and heartfelt ballad on which Peg tells her story. And it’s with some real insight, via some raw and honest lyrics. A break-up anti-anthem that will strike a chord with many.
What does Peg say?The idea was not to release music at all this year. I had plans to be in the studio for a while and then come back with a brand-new sound and album in 2022. But a lot has happened in life… things I never thought would happen. I’ve survived things I never thought I would get through. And then it just felt natural to release the music I have written these last few weeks and months, because it comes straight from my heart. I want to share my side of the story. This is like a gift to all listeners – a part of me and my story and all my emotions.
Written by? Peg herself, along with Filip Groundstroem and Isa Tengblad.
More from Peg? A five-track EP will be released in October.

You can find ‘Somewhere Without Me’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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