One of the absolute BESTEST new popstars to launch last year is back with her debut EP. Sweden’s Peg Parnevik has released ‘Don’t Tell Ma’. Led by the single of the same name – a shimmering pop song that bursts with summer feels, and the slightest of dancehall flavours. Using repetition to hammer home its beauty, the song been a big soundtrack to the summer sunshine over the last few weeks. Other highlights on the new EP are ‘O’Boy’ which delves even further into a dancehall sound and style, and ’10k Angels’ which ends up being the EP’s big pop moment – and one of our fave Peg tracks to date. Check out the EP in full below, plus Peg’s first live TV performance of ‘Don’t Tell Ma’ from earlier this week.

You can find ‘Don’t Tell Ma’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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