(photo and video: Magnus Ragnvid)

It’s been a while! A year and a half, pretty much, since Patrik Jean released his last single ‘Losing Sleep‘. But now the Swedish artist is back with a brand new song. ‘Loved You Once’. And today he’s released the visuals for the track – a performance video that serves as both a music video and a lyric video.
What’s the song like? A supremely soulful number that sets him up to be one of Sweden’s leading male voices in soulful pop music (given that the country has already got plenty of female artists at the top of the genre). It’s a chilled out track elevated by the addition of some chill inducing backing vocals, with the whole song – in Patrik’s words – reflecting the feeling of regretting ever even loving that someone in the first place.
Written by? Patrik himself, along with Herman Gardarfve and Elias Näslin (both of whom also produced it).
So what’s he been up to all of this time? Quite a bit actually. He’s been writing for other artists, featuring on dance tracks, and most recently co-wrote the winner’s single for the most recent Swedish Idol winner – Chris Kläfford’s ‘Treading Water‘.
And what’s next for him? The drought is over! Two more singles and a six track EP to be released throughout spring.

You can find ‘Loved You Once’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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