SONG: Oscar Zia – ‘Finns Det Nån’

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What’s this? It’s been a year since Oscar Zia released his ‘Din‘ EP, and now he’s back with a brand-new single, ‘Finns Det Nån’. And with it, there’s a declaration from the man himself, that this song, along with his next few releases, are as a result of him taking complete control of his sound, without giving in to any  compromises. The ‘real’ Oscar Zia’, if you will.
And what does that sound like? Pretty epic, actually. Mercifully not too different to the best bits of last year’s EP, however – as we really did love ‘Kyss Mig i Sl0-Mo‘ and ‘Betong‘. This new single sounds like an update to those two – with a more organic (yet still LARGE) production, and with even more emotion showcased through his vocal.
Written by? Oscar himself, along with Joakim Andrén, Thomas Stenström and Viktor Norén. Produced by Gabriel Runemark, Joakim Andrén, Theo Ekblom Carlsson and Viktor Norén.
More from Oscar? There’ll be more singles in the autumn, as well as an album and potantially a tour in the spring.

You can find ‘Finns Det Nån’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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