SONG: Off Bloom – ‘Love Actually’

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What’s this? Danish trio Off Bloom are out with their first release of 2018. Brand new single – the deliriously down-beat yet blissful ‘Love Actually’.
What do Off Bloom say? “The song is about being so in love it’s almost unhealthy, but you can’t help yourself from falling! The feeling that something is almost too good to be true and you’re slightly dreading what’s to come but feeling ecstatic at the same time. A time where everything is about sex and fighting and constantly trying to figure out what’s happening inside the other person’s head.”
And we all love a catchy title, eh? The band continues; “The title is of course a ‘90s movies reference. When we wrote it we started listening to the stuff we grew up with in the ‘90s / early ‘00s – everything from Green Day to Natalie Imbruglia – and got SUPER inspired by the vibe. It felt like going back to a more ‘innocent’ time.”
Written by? The group themselves, along with a fellow Dane – the producer Vera.
More from Off Bloom? If you’ve yet to check out last year’s EP ‘Lover Like Me’, you’re in for a treat.

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