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Lena+PhSong of the week this week comes from a Swede that a lot of you will be familiar with – HRH Lena Philipsson! Over the last year or so she’s taken a break from being simply ‘Lena Philipsson’ and has been touring with long time collaborator, Orup (he wrote her 2004 Eurovision entry ‘It Hurts’), under the guise of Lena & Orup. The show was a bigger success than either anticipated and an album is being released this week by Lena & Orup, called ‘Dubbel’. Lead single ‘Nu Nar Du Gatt’ went to number one in Sweden and went down a storm when played at scandipop last month! Our song of the week though goes to an album track from ‘Dubbel’ called ‘1 Skal’. It’s a track sung entirely by Lena, without any Orup vocals. It follows the same sixties pastiche formula of the rest of the album, but is instantly a standout track. Lots of tinkering pianos, catchy drum beats, and seductive strings. N16249ot to mention Lena’s usual captivating vocal performance.


Personally, we can’t wait until Lena goes back to releasing pure pop music. But the Lena & Orup project has been a pleasant enough distraction until then, they both seem to be enjoying it an awful lot, and so far it’s been rather successful for them.

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