A brand new single? She released her last album in 2012, and since then has busied herself more with writing songs for other artists (Carly Rae Jepsen, Charli XCX, Avicii, Clean Bandit and Alesso). But now Swedish artist Noonie Bao returns with the first Noonie Bao track we’ve had in ages. Her new single ‘I’m In Love’.
What’s it like? A distinctly summer flavoured indie-pop jam that summons an impressive arsenal of synths and sounds to hook-in the listener. And over the top of it all, Nonnie delivers an honest, self-composed declaration of her feelings. The mood here has been set to ‘blissful’.
What else has she done? Of her previous singles, the best two have been ‘The Game’ and ‘Do You Still Care’.
Anything else worth checking out? The lesser known piano ballad version of Avicii’s ‘I Could Be The One’ (which Noonie wrote and performed on) is an absolute stunner. More new music will be coming throughout the rest of 2015.


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