SONG: NONONO – Friends

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Loving this comeback! The first two singles were MOST welcome last year (check out ‘Masterpiece‘ and ‘Lost Song‘ if you’ve yet to). And now the Swedish trio return with their third. ‘Friends’.
Maintaining the quality of its immediate predecessors? Of course. This one’s got a frantic and frenetic energy to it. A well crafted production, veering between tempos.
What do NONONO say? “The song is about gaining strength by accepting your weaknesses. It was shaped by the great contrasts of the music; the melodic melancholic calm feeling that meets the fast, energetic, vibrant, and the way they interact. To me, that completely shaped the outcome of the text and melody. I began to calmly and melodically sing about pain, but when the pulsating part of the music came in, it all got filled up with an energy and I felt a joy over the fact that the sad and painful weaknesses was allowed exist. To me, it has been a weakness to not be able to make it all by myself or to be dependent on another person. Therefore it felt good to sing about it, that I don’t have to do it by myself, I can do anything with a little bit of help from my friends!”
More from NONONO? They’ve also released a music video for the single, which you can check out below. And we’ve heard rumblings of a second album to finally come out this autumn.

You can find ‘Friends’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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