(photo: Amilia Öhberg Soukri)

What’s this? New music from the Swedish talent Nina Bring – her latest single ‘Konkurrens’.
What does that mean? Competition.
What’s it like? A super-charming slice of Swedish chilled pop that has all of the warmth of Benjamin Ingrosso’s latest album and all the hit potential of Molly Sandén’s more reflective numbers. A proper stunner, this one.
What does Nina say?‘Konkurrens’ is about being one’s own biggest competitor. Wanting to do the right thing and be the best at everything every time, but never being able to win against yourself because you only value your achievements and do not see the value in yourself. It becomes like a collection of negative thoughts that prevent you from doing what you really want – and are truly capable of.
Written by? Nina herself, along with Axel Ragnarsson and Hugo Andersson.
More from Nina? Back at the start of the summer she released the fantastic ‘Nog‘.

You can find ‘Konkurrens’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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