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What’s this? Icelandic singer and songwriter Klara Elias has launched a new artist project along with producers Riff and nineteen90, and together they are out with an excellent new tune, on which Klara provides vocals for too. This is ‘Glorious’. No really, it’s glorious.
What’s it like? A punchy pop tune with an effortlessly catchy “LA LA, LA LA LA LA” x4 chorus to hook you in whether you like it or not. But you’ll like it. You’re already here, which means you have great taste.
Written by? Klara herself, along with David Riff and Tal Meltzer.
More from NEVERNEVER? Earlier in the year they released ‘Fruit Basket‘. A debut EP is on its way!

You can find ‘Glorious’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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