SONG: Myra Granberg – ‘Grammofon’

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What’s this? New music from Sweden’s Myra Granberg – she’s back with her latest single ‘Grammofon’.
What’s it like? It’s got Myra’s trademark bounce to its beat and her equally self-referential bite to its text. The song builds towards a final minute that is pure joy to hear play out.
What does Myra say?‘Grammofon’ is most definitely about just how obsessed you can become with the attraction to someone you absolutely can’t get out of your head. I hope that anyone listening will find the courage to drag that insanely good-looking person home from the pub to the beat of this song.”
Written by? The artist herself, along with Adéle Cechal and Carl Wikström Ask.
More from Myra? She scored a huge summer hit in Sverige this year with ‘Du Förtjänar Det‘. Standard Myra behaviour.

You can find ‘Grammofon’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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