What’s this? The latest mash-up extraordinaire from Swedish producer Michael Casado.
Which tracks? ‘Bang My Head’ by David Guetta and Sia forms the backdrop for the utterly magnificent ‘All This Time’ by Swedish group Moment.
And has any of its utter magnificence been compromised? Thankfully not. The original banged hard, this one bangs (my head) in a different way, but still hard. Michael’s taken the most essential parts of the Guetta production (and the “HEY“s!), and tailored them towards ‘All This Time’ brilliantly. Well-crafted melancholia goes tribal, and sounds a lot better than anyone would have expected from that description.
More from Michael? Mash-ups aplenty at his website right here.

Bang This Time (Michael Casado Mashup)

Time to unleash this monster! Moment meet David Guetta and Sia! Mashup time!

Publicerat av Michael Casado Onsdag 11 juli 2018

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