What’s this? Molly Sandén has taken part in the first episode of a new SVT series where (if we’ve understood it correctly) artists take Swedish poetry and make a brand new song out of it. ‘Vierge Moderne’ is the poem in this case, by Swedish poet Edith Södergran, and ‘Jag E’ is the song – released yesterday.
What’s it like? Well given that it’s been produced by Molly’s regular producer Victor Thell, it actually sounds precisely like a recent Molly Sandén single! ‘Jag E’ is a beautiful, mid-tempo, rousing ballad that would fit perfectly onto her latest album.
More from Molly? Both Molly and that aforementioned album are up for two Scandipop Awards – Best Female Artist and Album of the Year. You can vote for her right here.

You can find ‘Jag E’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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