That’s a whole load of people! This is whole load of song.
Roll call? Mike Perry and Hot Shade are Swedish producers whom we’ve featured on here before – check out ‘Don’t Hide’ and ‘Creatures’, our favourite songs of theirs respectively. Mikayla is one half of Swedish duo Death Team, and recently went solo with the magnificent ‘Rich’. This is the first release from Sonic Avenue.
What’s the song like? You know when, like, dance producers make ballads but make them dance-y but, like, they’re still ballads, but, like, they’re also dance tracks too? This is one of the more beautiful instances of this. ‘Closer’ is an absolute stunner.
More from Mike Perry? You can find plenty more Mike Perry (and Hot Shade!) on our Best New Dance playlist.

You can also find ‘Closer’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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