(photo: Magnus Ragnvid)

What’s this? It’s been a lil’ while since we last heard from Melanie Wehbe the recording artist (too busy writing hits for other acts, see), but she’s back with a bang this morning courtesy of her new single ‘Sugarcoat’.
What’s it like? Oh this is a tune and a half! Early days of course, but ‘Sugarcoat’ is already sounding like her strongest song to date. Pure pop, with a middle eight that seemingly comes from nowhere and steals the whole show, and a staccato vocal that is going to stay with you long after the first listen. There’s understandably a lot of excitement in Sweden right now around Melanie the songwriter, but this single should hopefully usher in that same level of excitement from all quarters around Melanie the artist.
What does Melanie say?My entire focus this past year has been on finalising my debut-EP that will be out next year, but then life happened and ‘Sugarcoat’ was written in the midst of a heartbreak. I mean it’s always been like that for me musically, in order to move on and start a new chapter I need to close the old one. So now I’m releasing a
song which is only one month old, this is by far the quickest process I’ve ever experienced.”
Written by? Melanie herself, along with Patrik Jean and Herman Gardarfve, who also produced it.
More from Melanie? This year, just some of the pop gems she’s co-written have been ‘Strangers In The Night’ by Ericka Jane, ‘Sun Go Down’ by The Mamas, ‘Tears Run Dry’ by Patrik Jean, and ‘Rich’ by Julia Alfrida.

You can find ‘Sugarcoat’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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