SONG: Melanie Wehbe – ‘Like I Do’

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(photo: Magnus Ragnvid)

What’s this? New music from Swedish artist Melanie Wehbe. She’s back with her latest single ‘Like I Do’
What’s it like? A majestic piece of pop music that pairs heart-break synths with lyrics of self-affirmation, merging them beautifully and then elevating them even higher by way of a dramatic melody. We’ve been big fans of what Melanie has penned in the past – both for herself and for other artists. But this could well be the best thing she’s put her name to. It’s a total stunner.
What does Melanie say?I wrote my first song when I was 14. Back then I started questioning my sexuality and the thought of being different was terrifying to me. Music became my safe space, my language, where I could express myself and process my emotions without feeling judged. So here I am many years later ready to release what I needed to hear back then. Like I do is a song written to my young self and to all the times in my adult life I’ve forgotten and still forget to prioritise myself. I’ve realised that the relationship we should all focus on a lot more and nourish is the one to ourselves, and this song is here to remind us of exactly that.
Written by? The artist herself, along with Patrik Jean and Karl-Frederik Reichhardt.
More from Melanie? Plenty more. She releases another single next month, and her debut EP next week.

You can find ‘Like I Do’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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