What’s this? New music from Swedish artist Melanie Wehbe. She’s back with ‘Bloom’.
What’s it like? A string-laden beauty of a song which lives up to the promise of its title and blossoms into something quite special before your ears. That middle eight in particular is a stunner.
What does she say?I’ve started to see life as a flower. Every one needs time, light, freedom and nutrition to bloom but it’s also important to wither sometimes along the way. To learn, maybe change paths and later blossom even stronger.
Written by? Melanie herself, along with Erik Paganelli, Helmer Norrby, Herman Gardarfve and Patrik Jean.
More from Melanie? Her debut EP is arriving on September 16th, also featuring ‘Like I Do‘ and ‘All The Rest‘.

You can find ‘Bloom’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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