Norwegian producer Matoma has once again teamed up with British group The Vamps to create and deliver a banging dance track. And after the 269,000,000 streams of ‘All Night‘, who can blame them really? Especially when their follow-up single reveals itself to be even better. It’s ‘Staying Up’, and it’s a ludicrously catchy and endearingly bouncy tune. Matoma had THIS to say about the whole thing; “One of the best things to come from the release of ‘All Night’ was getting to meet and know The Vamps – seriously some of the nicest guys I’ve met in the music business and also the most talented and hard-working people! We always talked about doing another song together like a second chapter of the story, and we came up with this fun idea ‘Staying Up’. For me it’s about not wanting the party to stop, and after an amazing summer that’s exactly how I’m feeling right now!”. The video for the song came out over the weekend – watch;

You can find ‘Staying Up’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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