I recognise those beautiful faces!!! Well then you were clearly one of the hundreds of millions that tuned into the Eurovision Song Contest this year and saw these ladies singing back-up (but, let’s be honest, pretty much stealing the show) for John Lundvik as he performed his heart out for Sweden.
And now they’re a proper band and everything?! They are indeed. As anyone with half a clue would have advised, they’re now an act in their own right, and have signed with Universal Sweden. Today, they release their debut single.
And what is it? Well, Universal Sweden’s current hard-on for Disney shows no signs of going down, as their newest artist signing have been roped in to participate, too. They’ve turned in a cover of ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’, from Pinocchio.
What’s it like? I mean, it’s three gorgeous voices harmonising over that iconic song, there’s not much else to say. What we’re really excited about, is that they’re here, they’ve launched, and that their first proper release is just around the corner. Hopefully we’ll get it in February. And then again in March. And maybe we’ll even see it come May, too, who knows?
I don’t get it. Mello. Melfest. MELODIFESTIVALEN 2020! Please.
More from The Mamas? They’ve gotten their own Christmas show residency in Stockholm. Tickets on sale here.

You can find ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’ on our A Scandipop Christmas playlist.

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