We hadn’t heard from this one in a while, which had been an absolute shame. ALL that changed last month though of course, as the Swedish artist that is Maja Francis came BACK with a brand new single. It’s called ‘I’m Not A Disco’, and over the weekend she went and released the music video for it too. Created by the lady herself along with Linnea Martinsson, Noel Svahn, David Landolf, andElias Kapari, it’s another slice of her trademark space-age synthpop. And a hugely welcome return from her endearing vocal. But what does MAJA say about it?….

“You are at a club, a disco… but you feel like the opposite of it, down and sensitive to sounds.
You’re dressed up in glitter and the colored lights are all over you.
You’re on the outside watching people cheering, laughing, faking, small talking, having fun, but you just can’t join the easy mood.
But instead of leaving you take your sadness and put it on like a tiara, then you dance with tears in your eyes telling yourself it’s ok to cry in public and it’s ok to stay even when your not happy… even when you’re not a disco.”

You can find ‘I’m Not A Disco’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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