What’s this? Dutch producer LVNDSCAPE has recruited Norwegian artist Alida to collaborate on a track together. This is ‘Riot (Lo Lo Loco)’.
And is it? Both a riot and somewhat loco? You could say that, yeah.
What does LVNDSCAPE say? “‘Riot’ is a song for everyone who might feel judged, misplaced or simply misunderstood. We all feel insecure sometimes and that’s completely fine! But sadly it’s often because of other people’s words or actions. With this song I want to remind everyone that you should never let other people get to you. Opinions are everywhere, but they should never affect your happiness. You are beautiful and awesome exactly the way you are! I hope this song can give you strength and reassure you that you should believe in yourself. Hold your head up high and let’s show the world they can’t drain our colour!”
More from LVNDSCAPE? Well we loved his song ‘Walk Away‘ from last year, so yes DO check that one out too, if you’ve never heard it.
More from Alida? Where do we start?! How about here.

You can find ‘Riot (Lo Lo Loco)’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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