(Photo: Charli Ljung)

What’s this? Loreen is back with her first single in quite some time. The Swedish artist returns with ‘Neon Lights’.
What’s it like? As the title would suggest, she’s serving us synth! A veritable rave-up of synths on which, with the production, she takes us to far-out places in the dead of the night, and with the lyrics, promises us she’s going to rescue us from them. With the melody, however, we just wanna stay there.
What does Loreen say?I like the feeling of creating characters in my songs who reflect both the parts of me that I have and parts that I wish existed. In my upcoming music, I focus on an alpha female of sorts, a contemporary Joan of Arc, who is to try to save the world. I explore different parts of her in different songs, and the lyrics to ‘Neon Lights’ are about how she watches over and takes care of someone in need.”
Written by? Loreen, Maria Smith, Petter Tarland and Peter Kvint.

You can find ‘Neon Lights’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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