What’s this? After composing no less than 18 entries for Denmark’s Melodi Grand Prix – four of which went on to win the contest and one of which went on to win the actual Eurovision Song Contest – Danish writer and producer Lise Cabble finally goes out on her own and releases her first single. ‘Tjekker Ind Og Ud’.
Hold on, wait a minute. What was that? She wrote ‘Only Teardrops’ by Emmelie De Forest, which won Eurovision in 2013, as well as Denmark’s Eurovision entries in 1995, 2011 and 2019. She’s also had songs compete in the Swedish and British national selections for Eurovision.
What a human. Why the recording career now? Well she actually did have a recording career before – as part of the Danish group Miss B Haven, from the late ’80s to the mid ’90s. But this is her first solo single – at the ripe age of 61!
And what is the song like? A gorgeous electronic ballad that sounds like it could well have been the new single from Alan Walker – were we to swap out the obvious element that he is Norwegian and she is Danish. But still. We have to stan an iconic yet contemporary queen.
Written by? Lise herself, obviously, along with Emil Lei, who also assisted her in writing ‘Love Is Forever’ by Leonora – this year’s Danish Eurovision entry.

You can find ‘Tjekker Ind Og Ud’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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