What’s this? Swedish artist Lisa Ajax has got herself some new management, a new label, a new sound and is now singing in her native Swedish for the first time. And she’s out with her first single in almost a year. Released today, it’s ‘Jag Måste’.
What’s it like? A beautifully written and produced mid-tempo ballad. We were, and still are, big fans of her old material. But if this is the direction she’s going down now, we can’t wait to hear what’s gonna come next!
What does Lisa say?I have come to a new phase in my career, a phase where I will be behind decisions in a completely different way than before – and I have a whole new team that I feel very confident in. It’s so fun to be part of the creative process yourself – now the songs feel more ‘me’, for real, and I can stand behind every word. At the risk of sounding clichéd, I hope my texts can help people, too. I have an incredible number of followers, of which quite a few are young girls who have definitely experienced or will experience the same things as me. My hope is that they can then find solace in my songs.”
Written by? Lisa herself, along with Marcus Holmberg and Anton Engdahl.

You can find ‘Jag Måste’ on our Best New Pop playlist.


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