What…and I cannot stress this enough…is this? It’s a meeting of two Swedish schlager legends. We don’t get enough of those these days. The schlager legends or their meetings.
What have they come out with? ‘MeloDrama Queen’ is the new single from Lina Hedlund and Nanne Grönvall. The title, and quite probably the idea of the song itself, is a tie-in with Nanne’s brand-new novel – the salacious schlager romp that is MeloDrama Queens.
What’s it like? Well it’s obviously as camp as both of these two dears combined. Verses that lean into Britney’s ‘Work Bitch’, and everything else that falls under something akin to Azucar Moreno’s 1990 Eurovision farce ‘Bandido’. Exceptional points of references that frankly no one else would dare put together. But we’re very glad these two have.
Written by? Linnea Deb, Marie Rein, Nanne Grönvall and Paul Rein.

You can find ‘MeloDrama Queen’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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