It’s been a while! Three years since her last album was released – ‘Kristaller’ in 2016. But now Swedish pop legend Laleh is back with some brand-new music for us. New single and video ‘Tack Förlåt’.
What’s it like? There are hints of some seriously bass-driven electropop in there (!!!), but all intertwined into a song that sounds quintessentially Laleh. And in that sense, it sounds like nothing else out there right now. Her sound is inimitable.
Written by? Written and produced by Laleh, with some help from Gustaf Thörn.
More from Laleh? She’s embarking on a massive tour this summer, so we’re expecting plenty of new music to support it ahead of then.

You can find ‘Tack Förlåt’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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