SONG: Kristian Kaspersen – ‘Love Like I’ve Never Been Hurt’

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What’s this? The Swedish/Norwegian artist Kristian Kaspersen is back with a brand-new single for the summer – ‘Love Like I’ve Never Been Hurt’.
What’s it like? The defiance of the title has lent itself to an utterly unashamed pop song that is all the better for its flag-waving. The genre of pop being deployed here is big and bold, it displays a nice level of the drama and the theatrics, and has an air of the camp and the kitsch to it. With the whole thing anchored by a lyric that anyone can relate to. If anyone out there has been waiting a decade or so for BWO to come back with another strong play for the Melodifestivalen win (and we know there are a lot of you!), this will be a particular welcome way to spend exactly three minutes of your time.
What does Kristian say?Often songs that are about being dumped or having your heart broken tend to be about the part when people move on, stronger than ever before, but I felt like exploring the stage previous to that. The how am I ever going to be able to move on part when I feel like I’m in a million pieces. The song came to me during the rolling end credits of the movie “Call Me By Your Name”. I was so immersed in the main character that I felt I could all of a sudden experience all those feelings again, that I myself had become a little bit ashamed of expressing. Those I’m too proud, unnuanced self-pitying ones. Even though there is a fragility in the song there is also a strong feeling of wanting to move forward and of wanting to fall in love again, like you’d never been burnt before.
Written by? Written by Kristian Kaspersen. Produced by Peter Hägerås.
More from Kristian? The single comes as part of a four-song EP of the same name!

You can find ‘Love Like I’ve Never Been Hurt’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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