What’s this? The first new music from Krista Siegfrids in, like, two years. This is her new single ‘Let It Burn’.
What’s it like? It’s – a break-up ballad. That she wrote herself. Based on her own experience.
Oh crikey. What’s happened? We think you can probably guess…
What does Krista say? “It’s been a turbulent year for me. A separation is never easy and I tried to cope with my feelings by writing this song. It was pure therapy to me. If someone out there is trying to recover from a break up I hope this song will help you. Just let it burn so we can heal again!”.
Will tears be shed with this? Just prepare yourself for the “Am I losing it all, am I out of my mind? A better person than you is not easy to find” lyric. That’s the part that hit us hardest 🙁
Written by? Krista herself, along with Kristofer Karlsson and Erik Nyholm.

You can find ‘Let It Burn’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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