What’s this? It’s a song called ‘Badam Badam’. And so the expectations are pretty high here already. Can Swedish artist Klara Almström deliver?
And can she? Oh she can. A song that takes the ’80s pop trend of 2021 and extracts only the purest elements from it. Good vibes only here. ‘Badam Badam’ is the soundtrack to every Prom scene you’ve seen in a high-quality ’80s teen movie. And “badam badam” – and “badam badam” only – is the lyric that forms the spectacular chorus.
What does Klara say?My favorite song so far! We just wrote it with pure emotion and vibe. It all started with a beat, then it was added to a bass line and synth. I really love this 80’s sound!
Written by? Klara herself, along with Birk Frisk and Pontus Frisk.
More from Klara? Last year she provided the vocal on Joakim Lundell’s beautiful ‘Find Your Way Home‘.

You can find ‘Badam Badam’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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