Trans. Arctic. Lover?! YES. Yes.
Incredible. The new single? KEiiNO are back and they are KEiiNOing more than ever.
What’s the song like? The underwater cousin of ‘Black Leather’. It takes its references from ’80s synthpop, name-checks Kylie to up the camp factor, and dabbles in a touch of the ol’ filth, lyrically.
What do KEiiNO say?‘Transarctic Lover’ is a modern Beauty & The Beast story about falling in love with someone you cannot picture yourself with. It’s literally about falling in love with an alien sea-monster with an impressive mojo.
Written by? KEiiNO themselves (oh HI, Fred, Alexandra and Tom!), along with Alexander Olsson and Stein Roger Sordal (a Norwegian folk-rock artist who also features on the song).

You can find ‘Transarctic Lover’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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