SONG: KEiiNO – ‘Spirit In The Sky’ (Norway’s Eurovision 2019 Entry)

They won?! Common sense was the real winner, last night, readers. The Norwegian public voted this ridiculous masterpiece to represent them at Eurovision in May.
What a song. Three minutes of absolute moment after absolute moment.
And the performance? It’ll need some work done to it before going to Tel Aviv. Ok, a lot. But they’ve got two months to fine-tune things.
Best bit? Obviously the joik solo. Leading into a final chorus where drums BANG and the stage in bathed in – what else – northern lights.
Is it a Eurovision winner? It’s about as likely to win as it is likely to flop hard. But it will be a massive standout on stage, and a big highlight amongst the 42 entries.

You can find ‘Spirit In The Sky’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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