SONG: KEiiNO – ‘Shallow’

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A new single? But aren’t they just about to head to Eurovision with another one? You can’t fight the inspiration and creativity that comes from living under the magical aurora borealis.
Ok. So what to KEiiNO say? “We are bound to make the world a poppier place. As we felt it was too boring only to have one song to perform live, we made a cover of a song by an artist we admire A LOT, ‘Shallow’.”
What have they done with it? Turned it into a club-banging joik-fest.
I’m not even gonna ask what that means. Any good? Better than the original.
I’m not even gonna ask if that’s a joke or not. Joke? No, it’s Joik, dear.
Ok, wow, more from KEiiNO? Well we’re now hoping for them to put their own unique stamp on ‘Medellín’ by Madonna & Maluma. But until that point, here’s their Norwegian Eurovision entry ‘Spirit In The Sky‘.

You can find ‘Shallow’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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